We are Alison Orr and Martin Bowman.
We basically made all the pictures on this site.

Also a big thank you to all those involved;

Quinten Van Wichelen
for more help and assistance than any other human being should ever have to! Also for suggesting the website in the first place and naming it. And for being a rEALLY cOOL gUY!

Bram Van Rompaey
Without whose incredibly useful chauffeur skills we would still be stuck in some strange part of Belgium, wondering when the next bus will come. Dank je wel.

Sergio Cocco
for teaching us about Zen and the Art of Slacking. And for showing two lost tourists around the wonders of Antwerpen's record shops. And how could we forget his astonishing Antwerps/English translation skills - live!

Karel Puttemans
Thank you for spending so much time and effort sorting out the strange questions of a couple of English people. Thanks for organising the domain name of Moid, we are very grateful for your help.