What is Mod? Mod is the result of a suggestion of a friend of ours. He liked the photos we took of many Belgian bands, especially Dead Man Ray, and put them on his website.
However the quantity of photos grew too large and he suggested that the two of us make our own website. So here it is. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to email us if you like it.

This website does not attempt to offer new information about any of the bands shown here - you can get excellent news from many of the sites on our link page.
Instead it is a visual celebration of the incredible talent of many bands in the Belgian music scene.

The title of the website comes from song written by Dead Man Ray. When Mod was finished, but unnamed, Daan Stuyven asked Rudy Trouv what did he want to call it? Rudy replied 'zet mo iet' (pronounced as doe mod), or 'just put something'. This became Mod, which in Antwerps dialect means 'just something'.
So here you have 'just something'.